Monday, April 26, 2010

The Ground Rules

Okay. My first blog. I just wanted to take this time to introduce myself, the rules of the blog, and my vision for this blog.

My name is Canis Lupis. You can call me Canis, CL, Lupis, Canis Lupus, or anything else you can think of. Before you mention it, I know Canis Lupis is spelled wrong (it should be Canis Lupus), but I meant it that way. Anyone who spells it the way I spelled it will get brownie points from me.

Anyway, Canis Lupis is obviously a pseudonym. My parents aren't crazy enough to write Canis Lupis on my birth certificate. I like dogs. That's how I got the name. You happy? :D

While I do like the occasional debate, I am not a fan of insulting the other side. This means there will be no flaming other commenters or me. No way, no how. This includes anti-evolution comments or anti-creationist comments. This blog is about speculative biology, not religion. Unless otherwise stated, religious comments will not be tolerated. Now, if the topic is about speculative religion, fine. Or if I learn something about another religion (I am quite fond of learning about other religions by the way), that is perfectly alright. But other than that, no religious comments. Period.

Cussing will be permitted to a certain extent. Ass is fine by me, as is shit, bitch, damn, piss, and crap (though the last two aren't really cuss words). However, I will not tolerate any use of the "f" word or any variation thereof (the ONLY exception being if you are talking about Snaiad, an excellent exobiology project which I will mention in this blog by the way).

There are three great speculative biology blogs out there. One, Metazoica, is mostly a tie-in to her future evolution project. The other, Diaries of a Speculative Biologist, is dead now. However one, Tetrapod Zoology, is alive and well. While I don't expect my blog get anywhere near the popularity Darren Naish's Tetrapod Zoology blog has gotten, I will try to emulate it as best as possible.

As previously stated, this blog will used to discuss topics of interest in the ever growing field of speculative evolution (or speculative biology as we speculative biologists often call it). Future evolutionary, life on alien worlds, alernate evolutionary paths, all will be covered. Though I will mostly focus on future evolution, seeing as that is the area I am most skilled at.

Occasionally, I will allow guests to write a blogpost on here to post about a topic of their choosing. It must concern speculative biology. Whether it be a general concept or a look at their own project, I will allow guests to post.

Just e-mail me at the following adress if you wish to write a guest post:

I hope to hear from you. And enjoy my blog.

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